Welcome to Ranger College Library. As the world of information becomes more involved, your library seeks to further develop ongoing services and add additional resources to enable you to make your educational experience a success. The library staff look forward to helping you engage in an information-rich learning environment. They assist you in finding materials for your classroom assignments and your research efforts; show you how to use both web-based and print resources; or just find a quiet place to study. Whether your next visit to the library is in person or online, the library staff is here to help.

The Ranger College Goleman Library is located on the Ranger College main campus in Ranger, Texas. It was built in 1972 and later dedicated to Mr. Bruce Goleman in 1987. Before the current location was established, the Cooper Library provided library services to the students. The Cooper Library was located in the current fine arts building. All materials from the Cooper library were moved to the Goleman Library and you can still find some of those materials in the library today. 

We welcome and encourage your comments and suggestions for improving library services. Please feel free to contact the library by phone at (254)647-1414 or by email at library@rangercollege.edu.