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Golemon Library

What to do this weekend

The annular solar eclipse on October 14th was terrific.  It did not get as dark as we had hoped, but if you used your glasses to look up, you could see an amazing ring of fire.  Next up is a total eclipse!  

The main event is the total solar eclipse on Monday, April 8th.  This is a rare event, often occurring only once in a person's lifetime.  You do not want to miss it.  We will have a great view from right here in central Texas.  Again, the library will provide solar viewing glasses.  We hope you saved yours from the October eclipse, but if not, come back in between April 3 and the start of the eclipse on the 8th. 

It should start to get dark at 1220, so stay outside after lunch.  It will be full at 1:39 PM and the sky will have returned to normal by 3:00.  


Since the library is excited about these events, we want to pass that along to you through a variety of related events you can get out of the dorms for throughout the school year.  

There are many Texas State Parks within an hour of the school that offer monthly stargazing activities as well as more specialized activities for significant events, like the eclipses.  As an added incentive, this is the 100th anniversary of the Texas State Park system so many parks and activities are free.



Here are some other things that might be of interest:

Terrific tips on how to do your own stargazing - constellations, movement, star hopping, moon observation, International Space Station, Zooniverse Project, citizen scientist projects, and remote astronomy are just some of the activities. 



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