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“The mission of Ranger College is to transform lives and give students the skills to be a positive influence in their communities.”

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Welcome to the Golemon Library

Welcome to the Golemon Library website, your home for resources and services to complement your education as well as history and artifacts to aid in your research of both Ranger College and the surrounding community.  Our website allows us to expand the size and scope of our library collections and share with you learning materials curated from our consortial collaborations as well as our own digital collections.

As your Director of Library Services, it is my goal to make certain you have access to the most diverse collection of print and electronic resources that I can make available. Because of the remote-learning nature of much of our curriculum, the library’s online presence is a critical conduit of information for our distance-learning students, our dual-credit high school students, and the students at our satellite campuses. Through our affiliations with Texas State Libraries and Archives Commission, Gale Research, America's Newsbank, and EBSCO, we are able to provide an impressive collection of nationally recognized research databases in most subject areas while our technology partners SpringShare, EBSCO, and Syrsi-Dynex help us to manage and maintain these services in order to make your experience here both pleasant and successful.

I welcome thoughts and suggestions on how we can better support our campus community. Our homepage contains a form to request new materials as well as a survey on our library services. For specific questions or concerns I encourage you to send me an email or give us a call.


Jon Hall MS, MLIS
Director of Library Services
Ranger College | Goleman Library
254-647-1414 |

About the Library

    In addition to the library, the Golemon Library Building includes a teaching auditorium, administrative offices, and the Board of Regents meeting room. Built in 1972, the Goleman Library Building was created with students in mind. The library's 7500 square feet of floor space is more than enough room to maintain the physical collection of approximately 15,000 books and 15 periodicals while also providing work and study space for both individuals and groups.  The library is home to 20 PC workstations providing internet and printing access to library patrons. Additionally the library has semester-long checkouts for several items critical to student success including graphing calculators, scientific calculators, and Google Chromebooks*.  

     Through a unique connection between Ranger College and the family of the late Robert E. Howard, the Goleman Library is home to the Howard family private collection of materials written by and about Robert E. Howard since his passing in 1936. This permanent collection includes a large collection of Conan the Barbarian and The Savage Sword of Conan comic books, the complete L. Sprague De Camp collection of novels, fanzines and indie publications, original manuscripts of his poetry, as well as a 1st edition printing of his classic, "The Gent From Bear Creek" of which only six copies exist in the world.

     Make yourself at home with the variety of seating and study options you will find in the library. From areas that will accommodate an entire class, to carrels and computer lab seating, the library has a place for you to get things done.  Afterwards, you can relax in one of our mid-century recliners, work a jigsaw puzzle at our puzzle table, watch sports on the couch in our library "living room", or step into the activity center to play foosball, ping pong, or Pop-a-Shot basketball.  The Goleman Library strives to be both the scholarly and social center of campus.

*Yes, for the whole semester!

Robert B. Goleman

   Dr. Robert B. Golemon came to Ranger College in the Fall of 1966 to serve as the Dean of Students and as the Choir Director.  Throughout his tenure though, he took on more responsibilities. By 1970, Dr. Golemon was both the Dean of Students and Dean of Instruction. He was also the Chief Disciplinary Officer in addition to teaching psychology and choir.  

Dr. Golemon left behind a legacy of lifelong learning. He donated many books to our library and left an indelible impression on everyone with whom he came in contact. A permanent display in the Golemon Library lobby includes his portrait, several yearbook remembrances, as well as his personal effects. 

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