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Monday – Thursday               8:00 AM to 9:30 PM                   1100 College Circle               254-647-1414

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Popular Databases from our Collection

*Ranger College Students, Faculty, and Staff:  How to Access the Ranger College Databases and Usage Tips (Must be logged in to Ranger College email to access the logins and passwords)


Provides access to over 60 databases, addressing numerous areas of academic research.


The cumulative index to nursing and allied health literature. Access to over 5,400 indexed medical journals, over 75 full-text medical journals, and over 125 Evidence-Based care sheets.

Academic OneFile (Gale)

Gale Academic OneFile, provides millions of articles from over 17,000 scholarly journals and other authoritative sources and covers everything from art and literature to economics and the sciences. Also included are thousands of podcasts and videos. 

Opposing Viewpoints (Gale In Context)

This cross-curricular resource supports science, social studies, current events, and language arts classes. Informed, differing views help learners develop critical-thinking skills and draw their own conclusions.  Useful for writing assignments, speeches, debate preparation, creating presentations, and more. 

Power Search (Gale)

Cross-search content from select Gale products, including Gale's OneFile periodicals, In Context products, and/or eBooks. Gale databases are accessible through their link and the Gale password found on our homepage or through TexShare directly.

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America's Newsbank

Articles from over 2,500 United States newspapers. Research diverse perspectives, topics and trends that align with areas of study such as Business, Health, Criminal Justice, Science, Humanities, Political Science and more. Features reliable, credible information from a wide variety of international, national and local news sources. Also available remotely 24/7 on any device.

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The Guide to the Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretive Statements: Development, Interpretation, and Application, 2nd Edition is an essential resource for nursing classrooms, in-service training, workshops and conferences, self-study, and wherever nursing professionals use ANA’s Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretive Statements in their daily practice.

For convenience of reference, the text of ANA’s Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretive Statements is included as an appendix. This book will challenge each nurse to achieve deeper professional and personal understanding, and will provide a foundation for professional pride.

From the classroom to professional practice, nurses in all roles or settings will find Guide to the Code of Ethics for Nurses to be a powerful tool for learning how to examine and apply the values, duties, ideals and commitments of their living ethical tradition to their practice.




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cover the constitution explained

The Constitution Explained: A Guide for Every American

Explore the history, the various clauses, amendments, and interpretations.  Understand your rights (and responsibilities)!  From the Constitutional Convention to the creation of the Constitution and its eventual ratification, and to the Bill of Rights and the thorny constitutional issues of today, The Constitution Explained:  A Guide for Every American covers the history, our founding fathers’ goals, and the varied interpretations of the Constitution that have informed the politics and functioning of the U.S. government.

Completing College: Rethinking Institutional Action by Vincent Tinto

Even as the number of students attending college has more than doubled in the past forty years, it is still the case that nearly half of all college students in the United States will not complete their degree within six years.  Much remains to be done to improve student success.  Tinto looks at expectations for success with structured academic, social, and financial support, feedback and assessments, and active involvement with other students and faculty with the classroom as the center of student education and life.

cover Student Success in Community College by Terry O’Banion and Marguerite Culp

Student Success in Community College by Terry O’Banion and Marguerite Culp

For much of the twentieth century, the definition of success for most community colleges revolved around student retention and graduation. This definition no longer works—if it ever did.  Student success is about redesigning community colleges in a manner that is consistent with each college’s mission, goals, student population, and resources, identifying principles institutions can use to frame student success initiatives; and outlining specific actions community colleges can take to increase student—and institutional—success.

cover demon thief demonata number 2

Demon Thief (Demonata 2) by Darren Shan

Kernel Fleck has always known he's weird.  He sees lights.  Strange, multi-colored patches of light swirling through the air.  But it's not until a window opens into a demon world, with horrific consequences, that Kernel discovers his powers.  As a Disciple, his mission is to hunt the viciously powerful Demonata, to the death...

cover the managers bathroom book

The Managers Bathroom Book: Things you Can Learn in One Sitting by Jay Andres

Bite-sized lessons in leadership.  In our journey as Leaders, we are engaged in an ongoing process to learn.  This process takes on many shapes and forms. The Managers bathroom book will provide you learning in short bursts, as the book is intended to cover topics with a focus on brevity.  If you enjoy learning in small increments of 3 to 7 minutes, this book will meet that need.  

cover the infinity particle

The Infinity Particle by Wendy Xu

Clementine Chang moves from Earth to Mars for a new start and is lucky enough to land her dream job with Dr. Marcella Lin, an Artificial Intelligence pioneer.  On her first day of work, Clem meets Dr. Lin’s assistant, a humanoid AI named Kye.  Clem is no stranger to robots—she built herself a cute moth-shaped companion named SENA.  Still, there’s something about Kye that feels almost too human.  Where is the line between AI and human?

cover What you Should Know About Politics But Don’t:  A Nonpartisan Guide to the Issues the Matter by Jessamyn Conrad

What you Should Know About Politics But Don’t: A Nonpartisan Guide to the Issues that Matter by Jessamyn Conrad

In a world of sound bites, deliberate misinformation, and a political scene colored by the blue versus red partisan divide, how does the average educated American find a reliable source that’s free of political spin?  What You Should Know About Politics . . . But Don’t breaks it all down, issue by issue, explaining who stands for what, and why—whether it’s the economy, income inequality, Obamacare, foreign policy, education, immigration, or climate change.

cover vern custodian of the universe

Vern, Custodian of the Universe by Tyrell Waiters

Starting a new dead-end job as a custodian at Quasar—a local science facility with a shady motive—he shrugs on his uniform, grabs a mop and bucket, and trudges off to clean up… Black holes?  Space-time anomalies?  Galactic ooze?  Things aren’t entirely what they seem at Quasar, and when Vern accidentally plugs in a mysterious machine and finds himself standing on the brink of the destruction of every planet in the Multiverse, he's presented with the greatest question of all: what is the point?

cover the last colony

The Last Colony: A Tale of Exile, Justice, and Courage by Philippe Sands

In 1973, on the Chagos Islands off the coast of Africa, Liseby Elyse was, rounded up, along with the entire population of Chagos, and ordered to pack her belongings and leave her beloved homeland by ship or slowly starve; the British had cut off all food supplies.   Some two thousand people were deported overnight from their island paradise as the result of a secret decision by the British government to provide the United States with land to construct a military base in the Indian Ocean.

cover A Mystery of Mysteries:  The Death and Life of Edgar Allan Poe by Mark Dawidziak

A Mystery of Mysteries: The Death and Life of Edgar Allan Poe by Mark Dawidziak

It is a moment shrouded in horror and mystery. Edgar Allan Poe died on October 7, 1849, at just forty, in a painful, utterly bizarre manner that would not have been out of place in one of his own tales of terror. What was the cause of his untimely death, and what happened to him during the three missing days before he was found, delirious and “in great distress” on the streets of Baltimore, wearing ill-fitting clothes that were not his own? 

cover speechless:  controlling words, controlling minds

Speechless: Controlling Words, Controlling Minds by Michael Knowles

The Culture War is over, and the culture lost.  The Left’s assault on liberty, virtue, decency, the Republic of the Founders, and Western civilization has succeeded.  You can no longer keep your social media account—or your job—and acknowledge truths such as:  Washington, Jefferson, and Columbus were great men.  Schools and libraries should not coach children in sexual deviance. Men don’t have uteruses.  How did we get to this point?

cover the bromeliad trilogy

The Bromeliad Trilogy by Terry Pratchett

In a world whose seasons are defined by Christmas sales and Spring Fashions, hundreds of tiny nomes live in the corners and crannies of a human-run department store.  They no longer remember—or even believe in—life beyond the Store walls.  Until the day a small band of nomes arrives at the Store from the Outside. Led by a young nome named Masklin, the Outsiders carry a mysterious black box (called the Thing), and they deliver devastating news: In twenty-one days, the Store will be destroyed.

cover a history of sketch comedy

The History of Sketch Comedy: A Journey Through the Art and Craft of Humor by Keegen-Michael Key and Elle Key

With epic personal tangents and hilarious asides, the Keys take you on an illuminating journey through all facets of comedy from the stock characters of commedia del arte in the 16th century, to the rise of vaudeville and burlesque, the golden age of television comedy, the influence of the most well-known comedy schools, and the ascension of comedy films and TV specials—all the way through to a look at the future of sketch on social media platforms.

cover fairy tale

Fairy Tale by Stephen King

When Charlie is seventeen, he meets a dog named Radar and her aging master, Howard Bowditch, a recluse in a big house at the top of a big hill, with a locked shed in the backyard.  Sometimes strange sounds emerge from it.  Charlie starts doing jobs for Mr. Bowditch and loses his heart to Radar.  Then, when Bowditch dies, he leaves Charlie a cassette tape telling a story no one would believe.  What Bowditch knows, and has kept secret all his long life, is that inside the shed is a portal to another world.

cover academic advising

Academic Advising in the Community College by Terry O’Banion

The purpose of academic advising is to help students select a program of study to meet their life and vocational goals.  As such, academic advising is a central and important activity in the process of education.  While there is general agreement concerning the importance of academic advising for the efficient functioning of the institution and the effective functioning of the student, there is little agreement regarding the nature of academic advising and who should perform the function. 

cover the underworld journeys to the depths of the ocean

The Underworld: Journeys to the Depths of the Ocean by Susan Casey

For all of human history, the deep ocean has been a source of wonder and terror, an unknown realm that evoked a singular, compelling question:  What’s down there?  Unable to answer this for centuries, people believed the deep was a sinister realm of fiendish creatures and deadly peril.  But now, cutting-edge technologies allow scientists and explorers to dive miles beneath the surface, and we are beginning to understand this strange and exotic underworld

cover to name the bigger lie

To Name the Bigger Lie: A Memoir in Two Stories by Sarah Viren

Sarah’s story begins as she’s researching what she believes will be a book about her high school philosophy teacher, a charismatic instructor who taught her and her classmates to question everything—in the end, even the reality of historical atrocities.  As she digs into the effects of his teachings, her life takes a turn into the fantastical when her wife, Marta, is notified that she’s been investigated for sexual misconduct at the university where they both teach. 

cover the naked treee

The Naked Tree by Keum Suk Gendry-Kim; Translated by Janet Hong

The critically acclaimed and award-winning cartoonist Keum Suk Gendry-Kim returns with a stunning addition to her body of graphic fiction rooted in Korean history. The Naked Tree paints a stark portrait of a single nation’s fabric slowly torn to shreds by political upheaval and armed conflict.  The year is 1951.  When a handsome young northern escapee and an erstwhile painter meet, an unlikely friendship blossoms into a young woman’s first brush with desire against the backdrop of the Korean War at its most devastating. 

cover last man

The Last Man: A Novel of the 1927 Santa Claus Bank Robbery by Thomas Goodman

When Santa Claus enters a Texas bank just before Christmas in 1927, no one expects him to pull a gun.  The fake white beard hides his identity from his neighbors while he and three others take everything.  Based on the true story of the Santa Claus Bank Robbery in Cisco, this is the fiction story of the 4th man, the one who got away. 

cover texas cocktails

Texas Cocktails: An Elegant Collection of Over 100 Recipes Inspired by the Lone Star State by Nico Martini

From big city lounges to dusty roadside dives, delve into the Texas drinks scene with this recipe book and city guide.  With over 100 recipes and dozens of profiles of bartenders, drink like a Texan, whether you’re just visiting or entertaining at home.  Locals and tourists alike will discover new watering holes that are sure to satisfy tastes as varied as Texas is large.

cover the decision book

The Decision Book: Fifty Models for Strategic Thinking by Mikael Krogerus and Roman Tschäppeler, Translated by Jenny Piening

Every day, we face the same questions:  How do I make the right decision?  How can I work more efficiently?  And, on a more personal level, what do I want?  These are the fifty best decision-making models used in MBA courses, and elsewhere, that will help you tackle these important questions.  Whether you need to plan a presentation, assess someone's business idea, or get to know yourself better, this unique guide will help you simplify any problem and make the best decision.

cover cuba an american history

Cuba (Winner of the Pulitzer Prize): An American History by Ada Ferrer

Spanning more than five centuries, Cuba: An American History provides us with a front-row seat as we witness the evolution of the modern nation, with its dramatic record of conquest and colonization, of slavery and freedom, of independence and revolutions made and unmade.  This book documents not only the influence of the United States on Cuba but also the many ways the island has been a recurring presence in US affairs.

cover poe for your problems

Poe for Your Problems: Uncommon Advice from History's Least Likely Self-Help Guru by Catherine Baab-Muguira

His life was a complete dumpster fire but Edgar Allan Poe is the perfect person to teach you to say "Nevermore, problems!" and show you how to use all the terrible situations, tough breaks, bad luck, and even your darkest emotions in novel and creative ways to make a name for yourself and carve out your own unique, notorious place in the world.  Poe for Your Problems will teach you how to overcome life’s biggest challenges—despite the odds and no matter your flaws.

cover physics of superheroes

The Physics of Superheroes:  More Heroes!  More Villains!  More Science! by James Kakalios

This is the book that explains why Spider-Man's webbing failed his girlfriend, the probable cause of Krypton's explosion, and the Newtonian physics at work in Gotham City.  It is electrifying from cover to cover, explaining complex physics concepts through comics.

Eclipses: Luces y Sombras en el Cielo: Nuevos aportes al análisis astrológico de los eclipses de Sol y de Luna by Antionio Polito Di Sabata

Eclipses: Luces y Sombras en el Cielo: Nuevos aportes al análisis astrológico de los eclipses de Sol y de Luna by Antionio Polito Di Sabata

Eclipses: Luces y Sombras en el cielo: es el fruto de años de dedicado trabajo de investigación sobre el efecto que tienen los eclipses cercanos al nacimiento en la carta Natal.  Es un libro didáctico lleno de casos prácticos , que tanto astrólogo aficionado y como el profesional disfrutarán por la claridad de sus explicaciones , la variedad de sus paisajes, la riqueza de su interpretación y también nos ayuda a identificar que no todos los eclipses son iguales.

cover black love matters

Black Love Matters: Authentic Men’s Voices on Marriages and Romantic Relationships by Armon Perry

Black Love Matters is an in-depth qualitative analysis that focuses on a diverse group of adult black men and their attitudes towards behavior in marriage and romantic relationships.  To give voice to the men’s narratives, Black Love Matters follows the men for four years, chronicling the experiences and the circumstances shaping their relationship trajectories.  Highlights include discussions related to the roles that sex, infidelity, intimacy, trauma, family of origin, masculinity, and environmental factors play in the men’s attitudes and behaviors.

Cover dictionary stories

Dictionary Stories: Short Fictions and Other Findings by Jez Burrows

Jez Burrows opened the New Oxford American Dictionary and sat, mystified. Instead of the definition of "study" he was looking for, he found himself drawn to the strangely conspicuous, curiously melodramatic sentence that followed it: "He perched on the edge of the bed, a study in confusion and misery." It read like a tiny piece of fiction on the lam and hiding out in the dictionary—and it wasn’t alone. Was it possible to reunite these fugitive fictions? To combine and remix example sentences to form new works? With this spark and a handful of stories shared online, Dictionary Stories was born.

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