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Conducting research

Where should you look for sources?

There are many ways to find sources.  Since you will primarily want to conduct research online we are going to look at your best options for success that way.  Notice there are three tabs under this tab:  Understanding URLs, Scholarly sources and Internet sources.  Here is a brief overview of what you will find in each.

The Understanding URLs guide is simply an explanation of how web site functions can be identified right in the URL.  This can often be helpful with determining its usefulness to you.

Scholarly sources are your best bet for finding information you need your college classes.  These include databases, collections, and monographs. 

     Databases are curated collections and are usually themed.  They are available on almost any topic such as medical, agricultural, or architectural.  There are also more general databases, such as newspaper collections, in which any possible topic can be researched.

    Collections are similar to databases in that they are focused on particular topics, but are curated by educational or humanities related sources, such as museums.

      Monographs are scholarly books.  These are widely available, alongside every other type of book, but not every book is scholarly and you will need some information to help decide which is which.

General internet sources is the last type.  While scholarly sites are routinely available in the internet, these are regular webpages.  They serve a different purpose and come in a stunning number of types and purposes.  There are some scholarly options, but it can be challenging to sort through the garbage to get to them.  The internet sources guide will help you understand the difference.





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