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Best practices for day-to-day academic success

Using a syllabus – Using a rubric – Organizing your workload – Using a spelling and grammar checker – Plagiarism

Best Practices

Best practices

There are some general things you can do that will make your life easier.  These are a few.  Others are covered in more details in the tabs.

Read the syllabus!  This is the most important thing you can do to ensure your academic success.  The syllabus will contain a lot of information, but most importantly, it will list all the assignments you will need to submit, with their due dates. 

In your first week, you need to sit down with the syllabi from all your classes to look at the whole picture.  You may have many assignments due on the same day and need to create a plan to ensure they are all complete.  Set personal deadlines to complete smaller tasks within the larger assignments so the work is spread out more evenly.

Familiarize yourself with the functions of Blackboard.  Much of your course work will be submitted through Blackboard.  Your professor may hold virtual classes through the Collaboration tool.  Instructions for assignments may be posted there.  Expect Blackboard to be your most commonly used tool and learn efficient ways to use it.

Prepare for discussions.  One aspect of doing a lot of coursework online is the inevitability of posted discussions.  Be sure you fully understand the question as well as the standards for both your answer and your responses to classmates.

Ask questions.  Do not be embarrassed to ask your question.  If you need to, ask a hundred questions.  Your grade, and your future, rely on your ability to meet the standards.  If something doesn’t make sense, pick at it until you understand.

Exercise.  Elevating your heart rate for at least ten minutes a day kickstarts the neurons you need to keep your brain healthy, making learning easier and more productive.  Exercise is good for your body and your brain. 

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