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Setting up Campus Accounts: Ranger College Golemon Library

You need to access a variety of resources just to navigate the administrative aspects of going to school. Here are the links and processes for getting into Blackboard, RC Email, and Campus Connect as well as other facilities and tools.

Setting up Campus Accounts

You need to access a variety of resources just to navigate the administrative aspects of going to school.  Here are the links and processes for getting into Blackboard, RC Email, and Campus Connect as well as other facilities and tools.  Much of this information can also be found at

Your Librarian

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You may visit Blackboard by following this link:  Alternatively, Blackboard can be accessed from the college homepage in the academics tab.  It is second on the list.  For your convenience, we suggest adding Blackboard to your web browser’s favorites or bookmarks.  


Your username is your first initial, followed by your last name, followed by the last 4 digits of your Social Security number.  For example, if your name is Don Smith, then your username would be dsmith1111.


Your password is your 8-digit birthdate with no dashes or slashes.  Example: 04011997.  If you forget your Blackboard password, simply go to Blackboard and click “Forgot Password.”

Change your password by clicking on the down arrow next to your name in the upper right corner.  At the bottom of the box that opens is a Settings tab.  Select this, then Personal Information.  Use the options in here to set up your profile and change your password.

If you need other help with Blackboard, visit their tutorial page at or ask a librarian or professor.



Ranger College uses Google for many services, including email. 

To set up your email account for the first time, visit the Gmail homepage.  Depending on whether or not your computer is public, like in the library, or private, you may see a list of other accounts.  At the bottom of that list is an option to “Use Another Account.”  Select that option and enter the requested information.

The username is  The password is ranger1926.

Once you have logged into the account the first time, you will need to change your password.  Select the Google apps icon in the upper right corner. 

Then choose Account then Security.  Click on the word Password in the third box and follow the instructions.  First it will ask you to confirm your identify by entering the current password.  On the next page, you will need to enter the new password twice.

You may set your email account up to be forwarded to another account you check more regularly.  At the top right corner of your email page, select the Settings button (looks like a gear), then select See All Settings.

Select the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab (sixth tab across).

Select the Add a forwarding address button and enter the personal email address the RC email needs to be forwarded to.  Select Next and then Proceed.  A confirmation email will go to the forward to address.

Campus Connect

Campus Connect

Campus Connect is the administrative component of your internet resources.  This is where you will register for classes, view official grades, view your transcript and billing, as well as holds, balances, and financial aid information.  It is the fourth item in the Academics tab of the home page

Students can use their RC student ID number or Social Security number with no dots or dashes.

The password is your 8 character birthday (MMDDYYYY).  There is no option to change the password.  If you select the “I forgot my PIN” option, it will ask for the alternate ID Number, for example, if you used your student ID, it will ask for the Social Security Number.  Then it will resend your current password, your birth date.

Each time you enter it will ask you to confirm personal information such as address, phone number, and major.  If the information is invalid stop and contact

There are five tabs across that you can use for administrative activities.

Golemon Library

The Library

In order to check out materials from the library, you will need to come in to set up a student account.  Our form requires basic information such as name and contact info so we can reach out to you if there is a problem with any material.

You will need to provide a photo ID such as your student ID or driver’s license when you set up your account.  You will also need a photo ID each time you check out materials.  After all, you don’t want someone using your name to check stuff out, making you liable when they don’t return it.

Most materials, including books, computers, Chromebooks, and graphing or scientific calculators, are checked out for the entire semester. 

A few items, such as foosballs and Pop-A-Shot balls, are checked out for two hours.

Remember rented textbooks are returned to the bookstore, not the library.  If you drop them off here, we have no idea who to credit.

Please contact us at 254-647-1414 or