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Course Load Calculator

Now has two links, so started a libguide.

Course Load Calculator

A course load calculator is a cool tool that helps you figure out how much work the students will be doing so you can balance the work load.  You can enter the amount of reading, writing, and other assignments you want to give and it tells you how much time the student will need to spend each week to accomplish your goals.  Give it a try.

How to use a Course Workload Estimator


On August 29, 2021 the Teaching in Higher Ed podcast had an episode called How to Use a Course Workload Estimator. Guest Betsy Barre discussed reasons to use an estimator as well as best practices to get the most from it.  At 48 minutes, it is worth your time to see how you can balance your assignments to give the students the best opportunity for academic success.  This link to the show notes has a couple of different estimators as well as links to other resources.


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