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“The mission of Ranger College is to transform lives and give students the skills to be a positive influence in their communities.”

Faculty User Guide

Style Guide

Our use of various communication media reflects directly upon us.  The images, symbols, websites, and written material we submit before the public defines who we are and creates a shared perception of our institution.  Our brand must be consistent.  We represent a single institution, and even though our campuses, programs, and activities are diverse, it’s important that we communicate a consistent message throughout all of our recruiting, advertising, and promotional materials.  This consistency helps build a successful and cohesive communication effort and establish Ranger College as a regionally recognized institution.  Please refer to the rules contained in this guide when preparing written material, using the Ranger College official logos, or creating LibGuides.  There may be times when brand rules should not apply, perhaps for artistic reasons, or because of the particular aim of the material being prepared.  Branding is not meant to stifle creativity.  Your writing is your own, even when edited according to the principles in this brand manual.  Think of brand rules as packaging:  they don’t affect what you put in the box, but they do ensure that your message—and the Ranger College brand—will be consistently delivered.


Please contact us at 254-647-1414 or library@rangercollege.edu.