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“The mission of Ranger College is to transform lives and give students the skills to be a positive influence in their communities.”

2023 International Year


It is more important than ever that students understand their place in the wider world, not just central Texas.  Every two weeks, Golemon Library features a different country and culture through the eyes of a special event.  We will look at why it developed, why it is important to the people, how it is celebrated, and how it fits into the local culture.

Overview information about each of our countries is listed here, with links to the events, places, and people who make it unique.  Learn about the work through the Library.


Dates for displays

August 7 – August 27:  Brazil; Tango Festival and World Cup

August 28 – September 10:  Italy; Regatta Storica

September 11 – September 24:  South Africa; Hermanus Whale Festival

September 25 – October 15:  Malawi; Lake of Stars Festival

October 16 – October 29:  India; Diwali/Hindu Festival of Light 

October 30 – November 12:  Papua New Guinea; Alotau Konu and Kundufest

November 13 – December 3:  Nigeria; Nollywood Film Festival 

December 4 – December 11:  Abu Dhabi; Abu Dhabi Festival

January 22 – February 4:  Malaysia and Singapore; Thaipusam

February 5 – February 18:  Japan; Sapporo Snow Festival

February 19 – March 4:  Bolivia; Carnival of Oruro;

March 5 – March 18:  Worldwide Buddhism; Holi

March 19 – April 1:  Worldwide Islam; Ramadan

April 2 – April 15:  Laos; New Year

April 16 – April 29:  Nepal; Domkhar Tshechu, Ura Yakchoe, Rhododendron Festival

April 30 – May 12:  New Zealand; Matariki (New Year)

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