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Music Resources

Music Tools

Do you need information for an assignment in a music class? 

This is the place to be!


Rolling Stone

This site lists artists by name and has an article explaining why they are on the greatest artist list.


This site lists the artist names only with links to their story and discography.


This is a fan-voting site so the artists are listed by how popular they are with the users of the site.  Only the first twenty five are on the page when you open it.  You have to scroll down to get additional entries on the list to show up.  There are several hundred, so keep scrolling to find the one you are looking for.  Clicking on an artist name takes you to their Amazon page.

Rock archive

This is a massive list of artists by name.  Click on the link to go to the individual page that provides a little history, what they are most noted for, and many images.


Allmusic is considered a definitive database of music, but can be challenging to navigate.  Consider exploring the Articles tab.


This site used information from to analyze the most influential musicians of all time.

Top 40 Weekly

This list is of number one singles starting in 1955, breaking them down by artist.  Click a decade tab at the top to focus.


Here are 100 influential bands.

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