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The introduction and conclusion

The introduction and conclusion require very specific information.  There are some differences, but there are few things they have in common.  Most important, they are summations of your paper.  For this reason, it is a good idea to wait to write them until you have written the paper.  Then use a kind of checklist to ensure you only include the appropriate information.  What is appropriate?

In the introduction you should introduce each of your topics with a general description and then write one sentence that answers your research question.  That is your thesis statement.  Most importantly, your introduction does not mention things that are not discussed in your paper. 

Remember, most of your college work will be FORMAL research papers.  That means it is not a forum for personal opinions.  It is not a novel or a blog.  You do not need drama.  It does not have to be exciting or engage the reader.  Simply present one statement for each of your main topics and then put your thesis statement.

Your conclusion is pretty much like your introduction.  It will be somewhat longer because you need to restate each of your points AND demonstrate how you proved that point in the paper.  Basically, give your main facts again.  Again, this is not a place for opinions or drama.  Do not introduce new material.  If you have something left to say, go back into the paper and create a new paragraph.



thesis statement fill in the blank formula

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