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“The mission of Ranger College is to transform lives and give students the skills to be a positive influence in their communities.”

Disability Access

ADA Services

It is the goal of Ranger College to make the educational experience of every student a successful one. In striving to accomplish this goal, Ranger College attempts to create an environment that is conducive to learning by providing multifaceted academic, personal, and professional support to students with disabilities.

You may download a Special Accommodations form (PDF) and return it to the ADA office.

Application for Services:
To apply for accommodations at Ranger College the following steps MUST be taken:

1. Fill out the Special Accommodations form.
2. Documentation of disability must be turned over to the Counselor.
3. Arrange a meeting with the Director of Counseling either in person or over the phone: 254-647-3234, extension 7021, or

It is important to understand that the above requirements are responsibilities of the students.  Accommodations made at the high school level do not automatically carry over to college.  Furthermore, not all accommodations made at the high school level will be applicable at the college level.  Again, the student must present all necessary documents and steps above to have his/her requests considered.

Acceptable Documentation Includes:
1. Testing results from the student’s high school.
2. Assessment results from the Texas Rehabilitation Commission (TRC).
3. Assessment results from the Texas Department of Assistive & Rehabilitative Services (DARS).
4. Results from a private psychologist or diagnostician.
5. Assessment report from a neurologist or other doctor.

The ADA Coordinator will discuss with the student the services and accommodations provided by Ranger College and will acquaint the student with the process for securing these services.

Please contact us at 254-647-1414 or