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Disability Access

Accommodations in the Library

It is the goal of Golemon Library to meet the needs of every patron.  We can only do this through awareness of your needs.  Toward that end, we will fulfill special requests whenever we can.  For accommodations that impact the library budget, we will need you to work with the Office of Disability Accommodation to provide the documentation necessary to help us.

At this time we offer a service through the Internet Archive to provide alternative formats so those with visual disabilities can access reading material.  This is an account-based tool so you must apply through the Office of Disability Accommodations AND the Library.  The most common alternative format is DAISY, which you may already be familiar with as a digital talking tool for the visually disabled.  If you are not, an informative article can be found here.  The DAISY tools and information about acquiring them can be found here.

Remember DAISY is only one of many tools.  We, in the library, will be happy to give you a preview in the admin account so you can explore some of the other options.

There are numerous sites available related to accessibility and we encourage all faculty to consider these options when creating online curriculum.  An excellent option is ANDI, an app loaded straight onto the desktop that provides automated detection of accessibility issues, allows you to hear what a screen reader would say, and offer tips for improving accessibility. 

For quick needs, the library has one computer with large print keyboard.

Please contact us at 254-647-1414 or