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March Madness Challenge

Your location for all information regarding the Ranger March Madness Challenge including sign-up, matchups, and results.


1. Each person is issued one team drawn at random by Dean Arca on Monday March 14 (Selection Monday).
2. Games will be played in a head-to-head format.
3. For each game the final score, combined with the point spread* (as determined by CBS Sports), will determine the winner using this criteria:

A. If your team is the underdog* you will advance to the next round with a win OR by tying/covering the point spread.

B. If the underdog loses but ties or covers the point spread, the player will advance by stealing the winning team.

C. If your team is the favorite to win* you must cover the spread in order to advance to the next round.


For example:

Player 1 has the Oklahoma Sooners and is a 7 point underdog*
Player 2 has the USC Trojans and is a 7 point favorite*

-As the underdog, if OU wins, Player 1 advances to the next round.
-If OU loses but ties or covers the spread, Player 1 advances with USC (stolen from Player 2).
-As the favorite, Player 2 can only advance if USC wins AND covers the spread.


*As determined by CBS Sports the morning of the game and posted to the "Matchups" section of this guide.


Please contact us at 254-647-1414 or