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March Madness Challenge

Your location for all information regarding the Ranger March Madness Challenge including sign-up, matchups, and results.


Congratulations go out to Methembe M and Kerolayne S. for their wins on Saturday, as well as Maria G and Jade R. for their wins on Sunday.  Jade advanced to the Final Four with North Carolina and will face Methembe and Duke.  Maria advanced with Kansas and will face Kerolayne and Villanova. Games will take place on Saturday the 2nd of April. Good luck to you all!

Welcome to Day 7 of the Golemon Library March Madness Challenge. 4 more players have punched their ticket to the Elite Eight and 3 more players have been eliminated.


Kathy Lucky is living up to her name by riding the St. Peter's train all the way to the final 8.  She now faces Jade R. and basketball blueblood North Carolina on Sunday.  On the other side of the bracket Evelardo L. will take the Miami Hurricanes up against Maria G and the Kansas Jayhawks.  Good luck to you all.  

Today's Elite 8 matchups see Nathan P and Arkansas take on Methembe M. and Duke, while Blake H. and Houston go against Kerolayne S. and Villanova. 

Saturday Matchups:

Favorite v. Underdog   Pt. Spread
Houston/Blake H. v. Villanova/Kerolayne S.    3

Duke/Methembe M. v. Arkansas/Nathan P.    4

Welcome to Day 6 of the Golemon Library March Madness Challenge.  4 players advanced to the Elite Eight yesterday while 3 were eliminated.  Raymond O., Afrika L., Ana F. have played their last games in this tournament.  Thank you for playing!


There are 4 more games tonight with 7 people playing. At least 3 of you will be eliminated tonight. Good luck to everyone!

Friday Matchups:

Favorite v. Underdog Pt. Spread

Purdue/Alicia A. v. St. Peter's/Kathy L                  13
Kansas/Alicia A. v. Providence/Maria G.              7.5
UCLA/Lyderian J. v. UNC/Jade R.                           2
Miami (Fla)/Evelardo L. v. Iowa St/Jasmine J.        3


Welcome to Day 5 of the Golemon Library March Madness Challenge.

32 players began this tournament.  Only 14 of you remain. At least 3 of you will be eliminated today.  Only Evelardo L. and Alicia A. have two teams remaining.  Both of Alicia's teams play tomorrow, so only Evelardo is guaranteed to play after today.  For the other seven of you it is win or go home...

Games begin at 630pm tonight.  Good luck to everyone!

Thursday matchups:

Favorite v. Underdog Pt. Spread

Gonzaga/Raymond O. v. Arkansas/Nathan P. 9.5
Villanova/Kerolayne S. v. Michigan/Afrika L. 5
Texas Tech/Evelardo L. v. Duke/Methembe M. 1
Arizona/Ana F. v. Houston/Blake H. 1.5

The Sweet 16 is set.  

Only 14 players remain alive after the first weekend of basketball.  Sunday saw 4 more players get eliminated while 2 teams were stolen.  

Raelyn T., Matt B., Sandra L., and SaDasia W. were all eliminated on Sunday.  Thank you for playing.

Evelardo L stole Texas Tech from Sandra L. and Ana F stole Arizona from Jade R.

Evelardo L. and Alicia A. are the only two players with both of their teams still alive.

Good luck to you all when games resume on Thursday!


Welcome to Day 4 of the Golemon Library March Madness Challenge. 8 players advanced to next week's Sweet 16 while 5 were eliminated. 3 teams were stolen yesterday as well. Alicia A. stole Kansas from Gabi L., Nathan P. stole Arkansas from Afrika L., while Raymond O. stole Gonzaga from SaDasia W.


Gabi L., Queila J., Keshon K., Korey G., and SaDasia W. we're all eliminated on Saturday. Thank you all for playing!


That leaves 12 players facing elimination today with only 8 spots remaining in the Sweet 16. Good luck to everyone today!


Sunday Matchups:


Favorite v. Underdog   Pt. Spread

Houston/Blake H. v. Illinois/Raelyn T.  3.5
Villanova/Kerolayne S. v. Ohio St./Matt B.  5.5
Duke/Methembe M. v. Michigan St./Matt B.  6.5
Wisconsin/Methembe M. v. ISU/Jasmine J.  4.5

Tex. Tech/Sandra L. v. Notre Dame/Evelardo L. 8
Auburn/Ana M. v. Miami(Fla)/Evelardo L.  7
Purdue/Alicia A. v. Texas/Kerolayne S.  3.5
Arizona/Jade R. v. TCU/Ana F.  10

Welcome to Day 3 of the Goleman Library March Madness Challenge. Round two begins today and there are only 24 of you left. 8 players were eliminated.  They are:

Sakura T., Jamil B., Gilberto N., Ahmy A., Lillian B., Kayla S., John S. Jan F.
Thank you all for playing.  
Five teams were stolen on Friday. Raelyn T. stole Illinois from Lyderian J. Methembe M. stole Duke from Ahmy A. Jade R. stole Arizona from Raymond O. Matt B. stole Michigan State from Blake H. and Methembe M. stole Wisconsin from John S.
There are 8 games today and 8 games on Sunday. Good luck to everyone.
Saturday Matchups:

Favorite v. Underdog            Pt. Spread

Baylor/Nicole S. v. UNC/Jade R.                               5.5
Kansas/Gabi L. v. Creighton/Alicia A.                      11.5
Tennessee/Queila J. v. Michigan/Akrika L.             6.5
Providence/Maria G. v. Richmond/Keshon K.        3

UCLA/Lyderian J. v. St. Mary’s/Gabi L.                    3
Murray St/Korey G. v. St. Peter’s/Kathy L.             8.5
Arkansas/Afrika L. v. New Mex. St/Nathan P.        6.5
Gonzaga/SaDasia W. v. Memphis/Raymond O.      10

Welcome to Day 2 of the Goleman Library March Madness Challenge.

Nobody was completely eliminated yesterday however 3 teams did trade hands.  Afrika L. stole Arkansas from John S., Lyderian J. stole UCLA from Raelyn T., and SaDasia W. stole Gonzaga from Keshon K.
There are 16 more matchups today. Good luck to everyone.
Friday Matchups:

Favorite v. Underdog            Pt. Spread

Loyola-Chi/Jamil B. v. Ohio St/Matt B                    1
Auburn/Ana M v. J-ville St./Nathan P                    15.5
Texas Tech/Sandra L. v. Montana St/Ana F            15.5
Purdue/Alicia A. v. Yale/Kayla S.                             16.5

Villanova/Kerolayne S. v. Delaware/SaDasia W     15.5
USC/Gilberto N. v. Miami (Fla)/Evelardo L             2.5
Alabama/Jan F. v. Notre Dame/Evelardo L             4
Texas/Kerolayne S. v. Va Tech/Maria G                  1

Illinois/Lyderian J. v. Chattanooga/Raelyn T          8
Duke/Ahmy A. v. CS Fullerton/Methembe M        18.5
LSU/Lillian B. v. Iowa St/Jasmine J.                          4
Arizona/Raymond O. v. Wright St./Jade R             21.5

Houston/Blake H. v. UAB/Kayla S.                           8.5
Mich. St/Blake H. v. Davidson/Matt B                    1
Wisconsin/John S. v. Colgate/Methembe M          7.5
Seton Hall/Korey G. v. TCU/Ana F                           1

***   ***   ***

Day 1: Thursday March 17

Good morning contestants.  Welcome to Day one of the Goleman Library March Madness Challenge. There are 16 games today but only 5 people have both of their teams going.  Afrika L, Kathy L, Nicole S, Queila J, Keshon K, Sakura T, Gabi L... you all, on Day one, have a chance to send both teams to the next round or be eliminated.  Remember, the favorite has to win and beat the spread in order to advance.  The underdog just has to win or cover/tie the spread.  This same information can be found on the Library website under the March Madness tab.


Favorite v. Underdog     Pt. Spread

Michigan/Afrika L.  v. Colorado St/Ahmy A.          1
Providence/Maria G. v. S. Dak. St/Kathy L.           2
Memphis/Raymond O. v. Boise St./Jamil B.          3
Baylor/Nicole S. v. Norfolk St./Queila J.                  20.5

Tennessee/Queila J. v. Longwood/Sandra L.       18
Iowa/Nicole S. v. Richmond/Keshon K.                  10.5
Gonzaga/Keshon K. v. Georgia St./SaDasia W.    23.5
UNC/Jade R. v. Marquette/Sakura T.                      3.5

UConn/Ana M. v. NMSU/Nathan P.                        6.5
Kentucky/Lillian B. v. St. Peters/Kathy L.               17.5
San Diego St/Jan F. v. Creighton/Alicia A.              2
Arkansas/John S. v. Vermont/Afrika L.                   5

Murray St/Korey G. v. San Fran/Jasmine J.           2
UCLA/Raelyn T. v. Akron/Lyderian J.                       13.5
Kansas/Gabi L. v. Texas So./Sakura T.                     21.5
St. Marys/Gabi L. v. Indiana/Gilberto N.                2.5


Day 5 Winners:

Nathan P: Arkansas
Kerolayne S: Villanova
Methembe M: Duke
Blake H: Houston

Day 4 Winners:

Blake H: Houston
Kerolayne S: Villanova
Methembe M: Duke
Jasmine J: Iowa State
Evelardo L: Texas Tech, Miami (Fla)
Alicia A: Purdue
Ana F: Arizona

Day 3 Winners

Jade R: UNC

Alicia A: Kansas

Afrika L: Michigan 

Maria G: Providence 

Lyderian J: UCLA

Kathy L: St. Peter's

Nathan P: Arkansas 

Raymond O: Gonzaga

Day 2 Winners:

Matt B - Ohio St., Michigan St.
Ana M - Auburn
Sandra L - Texas Tech
Alicia A - Purdue
Kerolayne S - Texas, Villanova
Evelardo L - Miami (Fla), Notre Dame
Raelyn T - Illinois
Methembe M - Duke, Wisconsin
Jasmine J - Iowa State
Jade R - Arizona
Blake H - Houston
Ana F - TCU

Day 1 Winners:

Afrika L. - Michigan, Arkansas
Maria G. - Providence
Raymond O. - Memphis
Nicole S. - Baylor
Queila J. - Tennessee
Keshon K. - Richmond
SaDasia W. - Gonzaga
Jade R. - UNC
Nathan P - NMSU
Kathy L - St. Peter's
Alicia A. - Creighton
Korey G. - Murray St.
Lyderian J. - UCLA
Gabi L. - Kansas, St. Mary's

Day 7 Winners:

Kathy L: St. Peter's
Maria G: Kansas
Jade R: UNC
Evelardo L: MIami (Fla)

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