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ChatGPT and other Artificial Intelligence programs

A place for information about ChatGPT and eventually, policy.

AIs do have some strengths.  For typical tasks at Ranger College, I would primarily use them to develop outlines.  Look at the outline below.  A request was made for an outline for a 1000 word essay.  The outline provided contains 250 words, so it is clearly for a much larger paper, but the main topics are excellent.  You could meet the class requirements by using any one of the main topics. The bullet points under each topic are a great place to start your research. 

Do not think that the bibliographic items are useable.  Only two of the nine books on the list actually exist.  You will have to actually do the research yourself.

On August 1, 2023 a request to "write an outline for a 1000 word essay on pioneer women of Texas.  Include the bibliography." was made to ChatGPT.  Here is the result:

Title: Pioneer Women in Texas: Defying Odds, Shaping History

I. Introduction

  • Brief overview of the significance of pioneer women in Texas history
  • Thesis statement: Pioneer women in Texas played a pivotal role in shaping the state's development, facing numerous challenges, and leaving a lasting legacy.

II. Challenges Faced by Pioneer Women

  • Harsh living conditions and challenges on the frontier
  • Lack of resources and access to basic necessities
  • Survival skills and resilience in the face of adversity

III. Roles and Contributions of Pioneer Women

  • Roles in agriculture and homesteading
  • Community building and social roles
  • Education and cultural preservation

IV. The Struggle for Women's Rights

  • Pioneering women's rights activists in Texas
  • Suffrage movement and women's political engagement
  • Gender roles and expectations in the pioneer era

V. Notable Pioneer Women in Texas

  • Jane Long: The "Mother of Texas"
  • Cynthia Ann Parker: A tale of capture and assimilation
  • Susanna Dickinson: A survivor of the Alamo
  • Sarah Cockrell: A trailblazer in business and infrastructure

VI. The Influence of Pioneer Women on Texas Culture

  • Folklore and storytelling traditions
  • Culinary contributions and Texan cuisine
  • Women's impact on art and literature

VII. Pioneer Women's Legacy in Modern Texas

  • The preservation of their historical contributions
  • Their influence on the state's identity and values
  • Continuing advocacy for women's rights

VIII. Conclusion

  • Recapitulation of the essential role of pioneer women in Texas history
  • Emphasis on their lasting legacy and continued impact on the state


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This bibliography includes a comprehensive list of books and research materials on pioneer women in Texas, offering a well-rounded perspective on their roles, contributions, and significance in shaping the state's history and culture.

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