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“The mission of Ranger College is to transform lives and give students the skills to be a positive influence in their communities.”

Podcast Policies, Tips, and Techniques

All the information you need to publish a podcast through Ranger College

Ranger College Podcast Policies


1.  Only one podcast per week will be published.  If there is already one scheduled during the week you submit yours, you will be given the next available slot.  It will be scheduled for auto-release when you submit and you will be notified of the release date. 

2.  The release date is NOT related to the due date of the assignment.  You must meet your professor’s assigned due date and all other requirements.  You do not have to submit your podcast to the RCP in order to fulfill the professor’s requirements unless the professor requires it.

3.  At least five school days prior to when you want to record, submit your completed plan following the process in the “How to Schedule Your Plan” tab.  DO NOT think you can walk in and sit down to record without demonstrating that you are prepared.

4.  You are expected to provide the recording, fully edited and ready to post.  This should be the same version you submit for a grade.

5.  You are expected to provide the show notes, with all applicable resources cited, including URLs.  If you are using a resource that is accessed through RC databases, contact a librarian or your professor for help identifying the DOI or other method of creating access.

6.  Show notes must include transcript OR a list of keywords that could be used to find your podcast in a search.  Every topic/person you mention should have a keyword.

7.  While the content of your podcast should have the depth of any other college assignment, the language should be appropriate to all ages.  That seven-year-old in the car while her mother is listening to you may not understand the topic, but she will understand any inappropriate words.  Be aware of what you are saying.

8.  Podcasts are not for students only.  Faculty, especially, are encouraged to speak on topics of their choice.  We will also use the forum to showcase events and promote the RC culture.  An active podcast that exhibits our personality gives potential students and their families a familiarity with the school, making it a comfortable choice for them.

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