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Canvas Modules

Welcome to Golemon Library!  In order to help you with your study skills, the Library has created these resources, broken into topical modules.  Each module offers four or five short videos, followed by additional information.  If you view the modules in Canvas, they also include five question quizzes.

Many faculty require one or more of the tutorials based on their needs.  The quizzes have to be taken on Canvas for the answers to be recorded, so please visit your Canvas and accept the Library Course.  All students are enrolled automatically when they register.

In addition to the Canvas videos, there are links to supplemental information.  For example, Module 1.6 is called Using the A to Z list.  In it you will find links to our databases and how to use specific databases. If you just need something specific, look in the related module:

Module 1:  Your library resources:  Setting up campus accounts,  Using the book catalog,  Logging in to TexShare, Boolean Searches, Searching in Gale,  and Using the A to Z List.                                    

Module 2:  Organizational skills:  Syllabi and rubrics, Organizing for life, Managing the semester, Long projects, and Daily and weekly study skills

Module 3:  Information literacy:  Information literacy in the general internet, Media bias, CRAAP, propaganda, Primary, secondary, and tertiary sources, and How to read a URL.                                              

Module 4:  Conducting research:  Finding a topic, Research questions, Discovering keywords for searches, and Mining Wikipedia.

Module 5:  Writing papers:  General writing tips, Outlines, Content and Body, Introductions and conclusions, Editing, and Readability.                                                 

Module 6:  Citations and plagiarism:  Citations and styles, When to cite, Formatting, and Plagiarism.

Module 7:  Online assignments:  Writing a discussion board, Writing a response that adds to the discussion, and Accessibility.


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