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Canvas Modules

In addition to the modules, we offer a variety of tools, tips, and tricks to help with your school work.  Look through here for everything from handling failure to taking notes.

Section 1 is called Best Practices.  Look here for using a syllabus and rubric, organizing your workload, using spelling and grammar checkers, handling failure, and plagiarism.

Section 2 is about writing objectives.  Understand what you are writing, identify the goals and strategies to get there, pick a topic, and write a research question that will actually help you write the paper.

Section 3 is about the next step, research.  Once you have figured out what you are going to write about you have to find information to include.  Look here for how to identify good keywords to search on, what the types of sources are, how and why to use different types of sources, and how to write a Boolean search to find what you are looking for.

Section 4 finally gets to the actual writing.  Look at how an outline can make all the difference, how to write a paragraph, how to write your introduction and thesis statement, what to include in the body and the conclusion, and how to edit for readability.

Section 5 is about style.  Yes, you have style, but your paper will need it also and you professor with tell you which style to use.  This is a set of rules that define the form of the paper, especially how you will provide citations for your evidence.  We also look at plagiarism.  If you aren't citing the material correctly, you could be accused of plagiarism, which can mean anything from failing the paper to being kicked out of school.

Section 6 looks at presentation.  This is a little bit about style, but also about editing and using appropriate tools.  If your professor has to work too hard to read your paper, they won't.  They will just give you an F.

You may find some of this material is duplicated in the modules.  You're right. Tips and tricks come in all formats.  Use whatever helps you.


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