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2023 - 2024 Eclipses and Space Sciences

There are two amazing eclipses this school year. Join us as we explore space along the way.




Space is not the final frontier.  It is a real, fantastic place filled with amazing, unbelievable, and out-of-this-world events and opportunity.  Join us during the 2023 – 2024 school year as we explore the sciences and science fictions of space – all leading up to two major eclipses that we are on ground zero for.

On October 14, join us for the pre-party campus wide activities as we watch for the annular eclipse.  That is the ring of fire version, offering amazing views.  Viewing glasses will be available in the library.

The main party happens on April 8th.  We are at the edge of the path of a total eclipse and will experience 99% blockage.  Check out what that means with this simulator.  Total eclipses are often considered to be once in a lifetime events.  While a total eclipse occurs somewhere in the world every few years, most people live somewhere else.  Again, we will have a day of activities and viewing glasses will be available. 

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