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2023 - 2024 Eclipses and Space Sciences

There are two amazing eclipses this school year. Join us as we explore space along the way.

Follow along as we explore a variety of space sciences along the path to the April 8th total solar eclipse.  Every two weeks-ish the library will focus on a different aspect of space.  Come in to explore our resources, books, and other information.  The calendar, by weeks, is:


August 14                  Vocabulary and general reference

September 4             Space History

September 18           Solar System

October 2                   Annular Solar Eclipse (Actual event on the 14th)

October 16                Constellations

October 30                Moons

November 20             UFOs

January 8                   Careers and Biographies

January 22                Comets, Meteors, Space Junk, and Celestial Bodies

February 5                 Space Race and Space Travel

February 19               Astrology

March 17                   The Universe

April 1                         Total Solar Eclipse (Actual event on the 8th)

April 15                       Science Fiction


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