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2023 - 2024 Eclipses and Space Sciences

There are two amazing eclipses this school year. Join us as we explore space along the way.

Faculty Resources


Share the lesson plans you create so we can post them for future semesters.  Here are a few created by our important space organizations.

NASA:  Where else would you look for resources but the original space agency?  Their educators page offers tons of ideas and tools you can use in whatever subject you teach, including art, history, math, technology, even in Spanish.

The Joint Propulsion Lab has a set of classroom tools (and toys) that are super engaging and fun.  Model velocity.  Play a Voyager board game.  Compete to create a water filtration system.  Build rubber band powered Rovers.  So much more.

This simulator is a great tool to show students exactly what to expect in April 2024 -

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