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“The mission of Ranger College is to transform lives and give students the skills to be a positive influence in their communities.”

Golemon Library Policies

Ranger College Goleman Library Policy Letter

Procedures, Usage, and Policies

Library access is available to all Ranger College students, faculty, and staff.  This includes, but is not limited to, the Ranger Main Campus, Erath County Campus, Brown County Campus, Dual Enrollment, and other offsite locations.  Library privileges are extended to the local residents of Eastland County, but some exceptions may apply.  

Material Loan

Users must have a valid Ranger College student identification or state/government issued photo ID.  Users may check out an unlimited number of books.  Community patrons mush show a state/government/military issued photo ID for checkouts and are limited to three items.

Material Loan Periods

Books:  Books are loaned for the full semester.  There is no limit.  A hold on your ability to register or graduate will be placed if there are items not returned.

Chromebooks:  The library has fifty Chromebooks that may be checked out for the entire semester.  A student may have ONLY ONE CHROMEBOOK AT A TIME.  Chromebooks must be returned in order to clear the dormitory/graduate.  A checkout agreement MUST be signed at the time of checkout. 

Calculators:  Semester loan period.  A student may have ONLY ONE CALCULATOR AT A TIME.  Calculators must be returned in order to clear the dormitory/graduate.  A checkout agreement MUST be signed at the time of checkout.

Reference/Periodicals/Special Collections:  IN LIBRARY USE ONLY.  Some items may be checked out to keep track of usage but may not leave the building.  Access to the Robert Howard Collection is by appointment.

Fines and Lost Materials

Books:  There are no fines for late books.  All books are due at the end of the semester and must be returned to clear the dormitory/graduate.  Books over 60 days overdue will be placed under lost status.  Items in lost/missing status are subject to item replacement cost and a processing fee of $5 as well as holds on the account that prevent graduation or transmission of transcripts.  Damaged items may be subject to a repair fee of a minimum of $10.00 and a maximum of replacement cost.

Chromebooks:  Overdue items will be placed under lost status and library privileges will be revoked (students will have a hold placed on account).  Items in lost/missing status may be subject to item replacement cost ($400 for laptop and $50 for charger) and a processing fee of $25.  Damaged items may be subject to a repair fee.

Calculators:  Overdue items will be placed under lost status and library privileges will be revoked (students will have a hold placed on account).  Items in lost/missing status may be subject to item replacement cost ($100 for graphing calculator and $50 for statistics calculator) and a processing fee of $15.  Damaged items may be subject to a repair or replacement fee.

Reference/Periodicals/Special Collections:  Cost to replace items.  Damaged items may be subject to a repair fee – cost dependent on item.


Holds are placed on accounts of users with overdue materials to prevent a user from further material checkouts, registration, and transcript access.  Hold will be removed upon return of materials or payment to Ranger College Library.

Computer Usage Policy

The Ranger College Library offers the use of personal computers for academic and research purposes.  There is currently a sufficient number of computers to meet our usage requirements, meaning there are no time limits or need for waiting lists.  Library PCs may not be used for unauthorized commercial or illegal purposes pursuant to the Texas Penal Code, Chapter 33 Computer Crimes.  


Off-Campus Access

The Ranger College Library databases and OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog/Library Catalog) may be accessed from off-campus sites 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  A login and password may be required for the individual databases.  For login credentials, contact the library at (254) 267-7022 or  Information will only be sent to Ranger College email addresses.  All dual credit students have a Ranger College email.  If logged into your RC email, you can access this information directly through the library homepage.  For access to CINAHL contact your professor or the Nursing Department.

Saving Documents and Items on Library Computers/Laptops

If saving documents and items on Ranger College library PCs, use portable storage such as a USB drive.  Items may be temporarily saved to the computer desktop for immediate use.  ITEMS SAVED TO THE COMPUTER ITSELF, BOTH DESKTOP AND HARD DRIVE, ARE ERASED ON A DAILY BASIS.  Do not expect your work to be there if you return on a different day. 

Chromebooks are scrubbed upon return.  Any material saved is deleted and will be lost.  Ensure you back up your files as you deem appropriate before returning the item.

Software Use

Only licensed software may be utilized on school computers.  Users are NOT allowed to load programs or software without approval from the Ranger College Information Technology (IT) Department.

Printing/Photocopy Policy

Printing, scanning, and photocopying are available in the Ranger College Library at no cost.  Users are unable to print directly from personal laptops or telephones.

Bibliographic and Information Instruction

Library instruction sessions are available throughout the semester.  The librarian(s) can be available to speak to classes and other groups as needed.  Sessions may be tailored to specific topics or class assignments.  Contact the library/librarian to schedule a session or for additional information.


Golemon Library both accepts TexShare Cards and issues them.  TexShare cards allow material checkouts from affiliated academic and public libraries in Texas.  TexShare ( cards are available for current Ranger College students, faculty, staff, and community members.  Photo ID is required to receive a TexShare card.  Community members are required to show proof of Eastland County residency.  TexShare cards are issued by academic year.  Patrons utilizing TexShare card services are required to abide by the policies of the lending library.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Interlibrary loan services are available for all Ranger College Library users.  Please note that users of this service are subject to the access and lending period limitation from the lending libraries.  In some instances, a fee for access or shipping may be required.  Please allow enough time for materials to be delivered.

Confidentiality of User Records/Usage

User library records are kept confidential.  Only records on current or overdue material are kept.  Historical usage records are not kept.  Upon material return, all material usage records are deleted.  The USA Patriot Act (United and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act- supersedes library confidentiality policy and the Ranger College Library will comply with any government requests submitted under the jurisdiction of the USA Patriot Act

As to legal requirements of the act, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and other law enforcement agencies or officials may obtain court orders for library records for investigations involving national security and/or terrorism.  Under penalty of law, library or library staff served with search warrants may not divulge the existence of the warrants or dissemination of records disclosed as a result of warrants.  Patrons cannot be informed that their records were provided to law enforcement agencies or that they are/were under FBI investigation.

Materials Acquisition Requests

Ranger College Library users may request materials for acquisition.  All requests are elevated to the Director of Library Services to determine whether the material is suitable or necessary for acquisition.

Food and Drink Policy

Food and drinks with covers are permitted in the Ranger College Library.

Noise/Cellular Phone Usage Policy

Ranger College Library strives to offer an atmosphere conducive to study and research. The layout of the library building requires that users be considerate of other users and keep noise levels to a minimum.  Loud talking and other boisterous activity is not permitted.  All library users are asked to set cellular phones to silent or vibrate.  If a user must accept a call, they must keep it brief and quiet or take the call to the library foyer or completely outside of the library.

Community and Upward Bound Policies

County residents and Upward Bound students may use computers and calculators in the library but are not able to check out laptops or calculators.  Book check out is limited to ten books.  For interlibrary loan requests please meet with a library staff member.


Ranger College Goleman Library

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