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Robert E. Howard Collection: Robert E. Howard




Welcome to the Robert E. Howard Repository at Golemon Library



In these tabs you will find a comprehensive guide to the Robert E. Howard and related materials we have here at Ranger College.  Our resources are available for research by appointment.  We will also be happy to provide copies, within copyright restrictions.  Items that are fully available can be accessed through a link on the item.

What are you looking for?  Howard was a prolific author and poet and since his passing many others have taken up the mantle, carrying his heroes even further.  For organizational purposes, there are several different guides, based on format.  You may simply click those links and browse.

If you are looking for a specific title, poem, or hero, we may have it in several different formats.  Your time may be more productively spent using the search bar. 

However you choose to explore, enjoy browsing the Robert E. Howard Collection at Ranger College’s Golemon Library.

cover conan the barbarian


cover the hills of the dead


cover conan comic

Comics and graphic novels

cover rehupa 75


cover conan de boekanier conan the buccaner

Foreign Language

cover runes of ahrh eih eche

Chapbooks, Magazines, Fanzines, and other Miscellaneous Items

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