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Robert E. Howard Collection: Other formats

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There are a wide variety of publications and items in our collection that don't quite fit other categories.

Fanzines and magazines were the original way Robert E. Howard was published, going back to the pulps of the 1930s.  His works have been reprinted thousands of times in virtually every kind of publication, from entirely amateur to national glossies.  Here is also where you will find newspaper clippings and magazine articles about the man and his work.

A chapbook is a small collection of poetry that often centers on a specific theme.  It is a terrific way for publishers to expose fans to a wide selection of work without expensive publication costs.  The Howard chapbooks are often the first publication of his poetry.  They are independently published, in limited quantities, making ours both fascinating and exceptional.

The last items in our miscellaneous category are truly miscellaneous.  We have a 33LP, the deed to Howard’s grave, convention paraphernalia, and other one of a kind items.


Magazines, Fanzines, and Articles

cover coven 13 vol 1

The Little People

Robert E. Howard and others

January 1970

Coven 13, Vol 1, no 3.

cover Magazine of Fantasy and scifi aug 1966

For the Love of Barbara Allen

Robert E. Howard and others

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction     August 1966

cover fantasy crossroads nov 1977

Fantasy Crossroads #12

Mixed/Jonathan Bacon

November 1977

cover fantasy crossroads jun 1978

Fantasy Crossroads #13

Mixed/Jonathan Bacon

June 1978

cover fantasy crossroads sep 1978

Fantasy Crossroads #14

Mixed/Jonathan Bacon

September 1978

cover fantasy crossroads jan 1979

Fantasy Crossroads #15

Mixed/Jonathan Bacon

January 1979

cover fantasy fiction aug 1952

The Frost Giant's Daughter as edited by L Sprague de Camp

Robert E. Howard and others

August 1953

Fantasy Fiction August 1952

cover lone star fictioneer vol 1 no 3

REH: Lone Star Fictioneer Volume 1 Number 3

Fall 1975

cover lost fantasies 4

The Dwellers Under the Tomb

Robert E. Howard and others

Robert Weinberg     1976

Lost Fantasies #4

cover Magira Magazine fur fantasy #32

Magira Magazine fur Fantasy #32

Hugh Walker, Ed.


cover mirror fantasy nov 1978

Mirror Fantasy

Euer M M T

November 1978

This is in German and of the same quality as an APA.

cover mistress of death jan 1971

Mistress of Death

Robert E. Howard and Gerald W. Page

Fantasy Publishing Co.     Jan-Feb 1971

Witchcraft & Sorcery, Vol 1, no. 7

cover barbarian in babylon

The Barbarian in Babylon

Kenneth Turan

New York Magazine Company     August 27, 1979

New West, page 16

cover REH IOU simba


Charles R. Saunders

Sheila Jayne Bird     September 1978

Simba, Volume 1, number 2

cover runes of ahrh eih eche

Runes of Ahrh Eih Eche

Jonathan Bacon


#0006 of 1000; Signed by Jonathan Bacon.

cover spaceway oct 1969

People of the Black Coast

Robert E. Howard and others

October 1969

Spaceway Science Fiction Magazine.  Special Moon Issue; contains the REH story People of the Black Coast and titles from many other authors.

cover tales of horror and damnation

Tales of Horror and Damnation

Robert Schwartz, ed.

Robert Schwartz     March 1981

There is a statement inside that the first three issues were passed around locally (Dade Co. FL) to work out the bugs.  This one is the first national release.  It looks like it was the only one.  It was not ready and looks tacky and homemade.  There is an article about REH inside, a statement that he is the inspiration on the front, and a call to visit an REH Forum at the local library on the back.  This is definitely a fanzine.

cover texas monthly 1978

The Last Barbarian

John Bloom

May 1978

Texas Monthly May 1978, page 84

cover weirdbook 1

The Cobra in the Dream

Robert E. Howard

W. Paul Ganley, ed.     1968

Weirdbook One

cover weirdbook 2

Weirdbook Two

W. Paul Ganley, ed.     1969

Weirdbook Two; There are no REH stories/poems in this edition.

cover weirdbook 3

Usurp the Night

Robert E. Howard

W. Paul Ganley, ed.     1970

Weirdbook Three

cover weirdbook 6

Black Country

Robert E. Howard

W. Paul Ganley, ed.     1973

Weirdbook Six; Front and back cover are detached.

cover witchcraft and sorcery 10


Robert E. Howard

Fantasy Publishing Co.     May 1971

Witchcraft & Sorcery, Vol 1, no. 5; This is a one page poem on the inside of the front cover.

cover witchcraft and sorcery 6

Restless Waters

Robert E. Howard

Fantasy Publishing Co.     1974

Witchcraft & Sorcery, No 10; Includes full page ad on back by Donald Grant for Tigers of the Sea and People of the Black Circle.

cover texas coop power

The Man Who Invented Conan

Spike Gillespie

June 2003

Texas Co-op Power


Bran Mak Morn: A Play, and Others

Robert E. Howard

Cryptic Publications     1983

The Chromlech Series #3


Robert E. Howard

Glenn Lord    

Only 8 copies and several proofs were printed with the Lord imprint.  Ours is inside REHupa 42 with the Melville copy

cover candles


Robert E. Howard

John Melville     November 1979

Distributed in REHupa 42.  Ours is inside that work.

cove double shadow

The Double Shadow and Other Fantasies

Clark Ashton Smith

All versions online are dated 1933.  Mine looks exactly like them, but I believe it is much newer.

This is unrelated to REH, but keeping in collection.  He was a noted pulp author.

cover etchings in ivory

Etchings in Ivory: Poems in Prose

Robert E. Howard

Glenn Lord     1968

We have two of 268 copies; Excellent condition

cover the ghost ocean

The Ghost Ocean and Other Poems

Robert E. Howard

Gibbelins Gazette Publications    

We have copies 87 and 169/300; Compiled by Vernon Clark and Russell E. Burke.  Copy 87 is not cut quite right.

cover the grey god passes

The Grey God Passes

Robert E. Howard

Charles Miller     October 1975

Some sun fading on cover

cover grim land and others

The Grim Land and Others

Robert E. Howard

Jonathan Bacon     1976

450 copies.  All are supposed to be numbered and signed by the publisher, Jonathan Baker.  Ours is signed, but it is copy X.

cover isle of pirate's doom

Isle of Pirate's Doom

Robert E. Howard

George Hamilton    

cover He is legend

Richard Mathson:  He is Legend

Mark Rathbun and Graeme Flanagan, compilers

1984 .  First and only edition.  This is unrelated to REH, but keeping in collection.  Many of the contributers are in REH APAs and he was a pulp author.

Red Blades of Black Cathay

Robert E. Howard and Tevis Clyde Smith

Real Free Press, Amsterdam     January 1975

Graphic novelette

cover rhymes of death

Rhymes of Death

Robert E. Howard

Dennis McHaney     July 1975

600 numbered and 268 unnumbered copies.  Ours is not numbered.  The Ballad of Buckshot Roberts is erroneously called The Ballad of Bucksnort Roberts in this book.

cover risque stories

Risque Stories #1

Robert E. Howard and others

Cryptic Publications     March 1984


Strange Passion

Untitled Synopsis

cover shadow of the beast

The Shadow of the Beast

Robert E. Howard

George Hamilton     1977

280 copies; We have two copies

cover shadow of the hun

Shadow of the Hun

Robert E. Howard

George Hamilton     1975

Spears of Clontarf

Robert E. Howard

George Hamilton     1978

Subtitle:  Contains Spears of Clontarf and Letter to Harry Bates, 1 June 1931

rhyme of the three slavers

Raven's Special Folio Poem Edition No. 1: The Rhyme of the Three Slavers

Robert E. Howard

Thomas Kovacs     October 1983

250 copies.  Ours is #114, signed T. Kovacs; Our cover is much more orange than online versions.

cover two against tyre

Two Against Tyre

Robert E. Howard

Glenn Lord     1975

cover two fisted detective

Robert E. Howard

Cryptic Publications     May 1984

The Chromlech Series #1

500 copies.  Ours is not numbered, signed, or lettered

cover up john kane

Robert E. Howard

Roy Squires     April 1977

Unnumbered, with blue cover.  There were six copies of each color that were unnumbered.  This is the first of appearance of the five poems.  We do not have the envelope.

Unique Items

Cover the blood stained god record;

The Bloodstained God and The Curse of the Monolith

Robet E. Howard as read by L. Sprague de Camp

Moondance Productions     1976

33 LP vinyl record

cover warranty deed for REH grave

4701 Warranty Deed for plot of land in Greenwood Cemetery, Brownwood

W. H. Thompson, President, Greenleaf Cemetery Association

June 1936

This is the actual, original deed to REH's grave plot purchased by his father.

Packet of advertising from the Fourth World Fantasy Convention

September 1978

A collection of materials from the convention in a large manila envelope with postmarks for Sep 7, 1978, addressed to Mrs. P.M. Kuykendall.  Contains an ad for the convention, the door program.  Also has an ad from Schene Books (NY, NY) with the titles and prices of collectible fantasy books he will be offering for sale.  Also has Fantasy Newsletter Vol 1, Number 6, November 1978.   Includes name badge for entry and hotel receipt for Oct 13 and 14, 1978 at the Sheraton in Fort Worth.

Brochure 4th World Fantasy Convention

October 12-16, 1978

4th World Fantasy Convention was in 1978.  Its specific theme was Robert E. Howard.  The convention in 2006 also honored him.   We have no material on the 2006 convention.

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