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Robert E. Howard Collection: APAs

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Amateur Publishing Associations


What is an APA?

APAs are interesting animals.  They are a form of fan fiction popular through the 1960s, 70s, and 80s.  Members sent a story in during each period (month; quarter; etc.).  The editor compiled them and resent the whole thing to all the members.  Membership varied but was usually limited to around 30 people so the size of the publication and cost of mailing would not get unwieldy.  They served several purposes that ran from simply expressing your fanaticism through your own creations to review by a peer group before publication. 

Each member provided the required number of copies and they were then compiled by the editor.  Everything was compiled exactly as submitted so there are a variety of print qualities and paper colors as well as typos and hand-made corrections.  Some articles look like a word processer was used, but most are typewritten and there are even some that are handwritten.  Images are often hand-drawn by the author.  The works were just compiled and sent back out as is. 

A cover was often created by the editor but some even have blank covers.  Many regular publications have dates and volume numbers as well as tables of contents.  Regular contributors created a section for all their material and gave it a title.  The material might include answers to any questions posed in the previous edition, questions or comments of their own, and their own new material. 

APAs had specific rules and requirements and were typically well organized.  Dues managed the cost of shipping and contribution rules were strictly enforced.  Missing an edition could get you removed.  There were honorary members, who were not expected to contribute but were much appreciated by the members.  Frequent comments from authors such as L. Sprague de Camp show that honorary members received and read their copy.

The longest lasting Robert E. Howard APA was the REHupa, the Robert E. Howard United Press Association, which is now available online as the REHEAPA (E for electronic).  Historically, there were several APAs devoted to REH.  We have examples from two available, the REHupa and the Hyperborian League.  After only twelve issues, the Hyperborian league merged with the REHupa.

Other authors, such as H.P. Lovecraft, had separate APAs devoted to them.*  There were also APAs devoted to fantasy or science fiction in general, such as the FAPA (Fantasy APA).  Based on the ones available at Ranger College Library, authors often contributed to multiple APAs.


*For those interested in Lovecraft as well as Howard, the most prevalent APA for him was the EODAPA, or Esoteric Order of Dagon.

Unlike the rest of our finding aids, this does not include a category for author.  Because of the unique nature of APAs, we have elected to list the author next to the title of their work.  If you are looking for the work of a particular author please search on their last name.

Hyperborian League APA

The Hyperborian League


Cover REHupa 39

REHupa 39

May 1979

Cover REHupa 40

REHupa 40

July 1979

Cover REHupa 42

REHupa 42

November 1979

Cover REHupa 43

REHupa 43

January 1980

Cover REHupa 45

REHupa 45

May 1980

Cover REHupa 47

REHupa 47

September 1980

Cover REHupa 48

REHupa 48A

November 1980

Cover REHupa 48B

REHupa 48B

November 1980

Cover REHupa 49

REHupa 49A

January 1981

Cover REHupa 49B

REHupa 49B

January 1981

Cover REHupa 51

REHupa 51

May 1981

Cover REHupa 52

REHupa 52A

July 1981

Cover REHupa 52B

REHupa 52B

July 1981

Cover REHupa 54

REHupa 54

August 1981

Cover REHupa 57B

REHupa 57A

May 1982

Cover REHupa 57A

REHupa 57B

May 1982

Cover REHupa 58

REHupa 58A

July 1982

Cover REHupa 58B

REHupa 58B

July 1982

Cover REHupa 59A

REHupa 59A

September 1982

Cover REHupa 59B

REHupa 59B

September 1982

Cover REHupa 60A

REHupa 60A

November 1982

Cover REHupa 60B

REHupa 60B

November 1982

Cover REHupa 60C

REHupa 60C

November 1982

Cover REHupa 60E

REHupa 60E

November 1982

Cover REHupa 60F

REHupa 60F

November 1982

Cover REHupa 61

REHupa 61

January 1983

Cover REHupa 62

REHupa 62

March 1982

Cover REHupa 62

REHupa 63

May 1983

Cover REHupa 64

REHupa 64

July 1983

Cover REHupa 65

REHupa 65

September 1983

Cover REHupa 66

REHupa 66

November 1983

Cover REHupa 67

REHupa 67

January 1984

Cover REHupa 68

REHupa 68

Undated, probably march 1984

Cover REHupa 69

REHupa 69

Undated, probably May 1984

Cover REHupa 70

REHupa 70

Undated, probably July 1984

Cover REHupa 71A

REHupa 71A

September 1984

Cover REHupa 71B

REHupa 71Supplement

September 1984

Cover REHupa 72

REHupa 72

November 1984

Cover REHupa 73

REHupa 73

January 1985

Cover REHupa 74

REHupa 74

Undated, probably March 1985

cover REHupa 75A

REHupa 75A

May 1985

cover rehupa 75B

REHupa 75B

May 1985

cover REHupa 76

REHupa 76

July 1985

cover REHupa 77

REHupa 77

September 1985

cover REHupa 78

REHupa 78

November 1985

cover REHupa 79

REHupa 79

January 1986


REHupa 81

August 1986

cover REHupa 82

REHupa 82

November 1986

cover REHupa 83A

REHupa 83A

December 1986

cover REHupa 83B

REHupa 83B

December 1986

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