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“The mission of Ranger College is to transform lives and give students the skills to be a positive influence in their communities.”


the text of the REHUPAs so that I can link them through the APA site
November 1980 Contains:
Barbarian Sketchbook #4 (Floyd Choat)
One More Barbarian #17 (Joe Marek)
Le Grande Delusion (Lance Kolstad)
Cugel #19 (Ev Winne)
The Castle #10 (Margaret Henry)
Scroll of Set #16 (William Fulwiler)
Advocatus Diaboli #14 (Doug Winter and Ron Weston)
Empire of ij #26 (Brian Earl Brown)
Cruachan #9 (Maureen Campbell)
Rogues in the Appalachians #2 (Barger, Burke, Clarke, Trout)
Also contains folded ballot on gold paper for the election of the next editor and to make de Camp and Glenn Lord honorary members (so they are not obligated to respond). Also contains an eight page graphic pamphet by Rick McCollum called Echoes from the Decadence
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