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the text of the REHUPAs so that I can link them through the APA site

October 1977

Contains: <br>

Necrotic Scroll #2 (D. Mosig)

Gadiara #1 (L. Hall)

ASCHER award nominating ballot (C. Burnham)

Echoes from the Black Stone #6 (C. Burnham)

The Hyborian Scrolls #2 (P. Allen)

The Barsoomian #2 (P. Allen)

Thoughts on Thinking, etc. (B. Hunter)

Ydmos 9 (B. Indick)

Three by Robert H. Barlow and H.P. Lovecraft (R. Everts)

The Use of Drugs in the Fiction of Clark Ashton Smith (D. Solo)

Sardonic Worlds %5 (R. Smith)

Index to Volume 2 of the THL (C. Burnham)


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