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the text of the REHUPAs so that I can link them through the APA site
November 1982 Contains: Rogues in the Appalachians part two (Burke, Clarke, Trout)
Weird Tales Revisited (Trout, ed.)
Dreams from Yoharnath-Lahai #21 (This has a table of contents of its own including Drums of the Skarl Boxx Scores Poetry The Celtic Twilight and front and back cover credits for two different people. It is specific that the contents are address to REHupa #59) (Vern Clark)
Seanchai 15 (Rusty Burke)
Beltric Writes #23 (Steve Trout)
Items not listed in the ToC but included in the volume:
Elsewhere Part Five (I do not have any other part) ()
Lost Sea Sojourn ()
The Blue Countess ()
Books Celtica ()
Magical History Tour ()
The Table of Contents lists a volume D as The Ghost Ocean by Burke & Clarke. There is an ad on the last page of volume C for a book of this title. Orders can be placed with Vernon Clarke, so I suspect it is not actually volume D.
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