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“The mission of Ranger College is to transform lives and give students the skills to be a positive influence in their communities.”


the text of the REHUPAs so that I can link them through the APA site
January 1983 Contains:
Musings (Margaret Henry)
The Flaming Circle of Troglis #8 (Bob Schwertz)
Rogues in the Appalachia #12 (Williams and Clark)
Beltric Writes (Steve Trout)
Screams from Yoharneth-Lahai #22 (Vern Clarke)
Scofloc’s Bane #10 (Charlie Williams)
Seanchai #16 (Rusty Burke)
Damarthu Speaks (Leon Gammell)
Aurelius Conanus #7 (Mark Evans)
From Robert Mancebo (Robert Mancebo)
Warlock #29 (L. Montgomery)
Empire of ij #38 (B.E. Brown)
Doryloum (J.K. Coplin)
Bunyips in Mulga #12 (Graeme Flanagan)
Two Sketches (Rick McCollum)
Scroll of Set #26 (Wm. Fulwiler)
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