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the text of the REHUPAs so that I can link them through the APA site
March 1982 Contains: The Creak of Old Bones 1 ()
Crom Yawned 16 ()
Cugel 27 ()
Doyleum ()
Bunyips in the Mulga 7 ()
Dragon Isle 4 ()
Cruchan 13 ()
Shooting Down Pegasi over Andursil Island 1 ()
Dear Brian (Resignation of Bill Bridget) ()
There are postmailings which are listed in the table of contents and we have loose, essentially forming a volume C: Letter to Brian Earl Brown (Larry Montgomery) ()
Warlock 24 (Larry Montgomery) ()
Rusty Burke Humbly Requests Equal Time (Rusy Burke) ()
This is a two page letter that basically says the author is angry that his contribution was censored from the REHupa and so he mailed it separately to all the members. Brian Brown, editor of the REHupa at the time, responded, explaining that it was censored for copyright violations and called Larry Montgomery a creep. It is terrific. Additionally there is a separate Fantipodean 4 by Graeme Flanigan which is pamphlet sized and specifically says in the introduction that it is for REHupa 56 and EOD 37 (Esoteric Order of Dagon, an APA dedicated to H.P. Lovecraft.)
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